Where does the name BRIANNAS come from?

Del Sol Food Company, Inc. is a family owned business. The name BRIANNAS is a combination of two family member names, Marianne and Brian.

Where do you get your ideas for new salad dressing flavors?

Most of our flavor ideas come from employees, consumers and projected trends. Do you have an idea that you would like to share? Please contact us.

Will you be adding any new flavors?

Yes, we are constantly testing and working on new dressings. However, you will not see BRIANNAS flooding the market with new flavors. When we do introduce one, we want it to be the very best it can be.

What is the shelf life and how can I read it?

One should always remember that the shelf life is affected by the conditions under which a bottle has been stored. Refrigerate your dressing as soon as possible especially once it’s been opened! This will keep BRIANNAS fresher tasting, longer.

In July 2002, we implemented a new “best by” system to assist our customers in purchasing only the freshest BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressing. If you look on the side label in the lower right hand corner, you will see our suggested “best by” date for your bottle of BRIANNAS. The “best by” date is the date that the product should be used by.

Why are there pictures of a fruit or vegetable on the label?

The pictures shown are either a dominant ingredient or a serving suggestion.

Is BRIANNAS sold outside the United States and how can I locate BRIANNAS in my own country?

Although most of our sales are in the United States, we also distribute to Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Sweden, Taiwan, and Mexico. In addition, we distribute to many of our military commissaries throughout the United States and the world. Contact information for distributors or brokers in the above mentioned countries are as follows:

CANADA – Maso Importing – (416) 661-5629 – maso@3web.net

PUERTO RICO/GUATEMALA – Maria Kuczerewicz Food Broker – (954) 340-3339 – mkfoodbroker@aol.com

UNITED KINGDOM – Bespoke Foods – 44 020 7819 4300 – sales@bespoke-foods.co.uk

MEXICO – Comercializadorakram, S.A. DE C.V. – (525) 5154900 – a.sevilla@comerkram.com

SWEDEN – GastronomiLeverantören AB – Bengt Siltberg – b.siltberg@gastronomilev.se

TAIWAN – Macroscopic, Inc. – Tiffany Yu – tiffany@macroscopic.com.tw

If your country is not listed, please contact us!

How can we purchase BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressings?

Our dressings are sold in most of the major chains, in gourmet specialty stores and in supermarkets across the country. If you are unable to find a store that sells BRIANNAS, please check out our store locator.

HELP!! I can’t find my favorite flavor of BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressing at my local store. What can I do?

We manufacture BRIANNAS then sell to specialty food distributors, who in turn, sell to gourmet specialty food stores, chain stores and supermarkets. We don’t always know which stores, in particular, are stocking specific BRIANNAS flavors. However, a store that carries some of BRIANNAS dressings should be able to purchase other flavors through their distributor.

I am opening a small specialty food store and would like to feature your dressings. How do I proceed?

Please give us a call! We will direct you to a distributor in your area.

Can you provide information about the canola oil used in your products?

Canola oil is safe, natural, light tasting and one of the healthiest of all oils to consume. The Del Sol Food Company uses the highest quality canola oil in our products. Canola oil is valued for its healthy fatty acid profile being rich in monounsaturated fat and the lowest in saturated fat of any consumer vegetable oil. We have selected canola oil because it compliments so well, without overpowering, the seasonings and flavors we use in our dressings. If you would like additional information regarding canola oil please visit http://www.canolainfo.org and/or http://www.canola-council.org.